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Add Google Gadgets to your website or blog

Google gadgets like games, news, weather, etc... There are many just try out
You will find a google gadget at the top right side of this page

Visit this link

Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the gadget you'd like to add to your page from the directory of Google Gadgets for your webpage and click the "Add to your webpage" button.
  2. Select the "Display settings" you'd like for your gadget. (Don't forget to customize the "title.")
  3. Click "Preview changes" to see how your gadget will look. If you're happy with your gadget, click the "Get the code" button to generate the HTML.
  4. Copy and paste the HTML into your webpage's source code.
  5. Save and reload your page.

Play games on your blog

There are many tech freaks who can do everything with their blog. This post is for those who gaming friends who want to try out different things.

Its very easy to play games on your blog. All you have to do is
1. Visit your gaming site ( Ex
2. Select or click the game that you want to install or play on your website.
3. Click post to your blog or website. You will find this option below the game
4. Copy the Code and paste it on your blog. Remember the gaming code will start with (object class id) and be careful when you paste the code on the blog.
1. To post the game make sure you select the Edit HTML tab( On top right side of the post)
Thats it friends enjoy free gaming

or if
Your game is not available on the website

Try this link many games are available here

Click here

Online games. Visit this site to play some classic online games. No ads or spyware. Action, racing, adventure etc.. you will find all categories of games here. Enjoy and have fun.

Myspace Games

Paris hilton jail escape

Myspace Games Myspace Codes - Red Python


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